with removable face mask and more

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Our flagship MALCOLM X - FREEDOM Hoodie

Heavy weight flexible fleece for the coldest days

1. We have designed a HEAVIER fleece hoodie that stands up to the colder days and nights.

2. Our hoodie has considerable stretch for a more comfortable fit.

**THIS IS A SIZE SMALL - The model is 5"6' and 130 pounds (for size reference)

100% Ribbed cotton face and neck shield/mask

1. The ribbed face and neck shield was designed for a comfortable fit that allows easier breathing with the security and comfort of ear-loops that are thick enough to not cut into your ear.

2. The face and neck shield is removable with 8 small snaps that secure it to the inside of the hoodie. this allows for use without the hoodie if needed.

Adjustable drawstring hood and hidden side pockets

1. Our hood has a softer inner lining fabric for more comfort.

2. We have a 3 inch gusset at the top of the head from front to back for a better fit. No one wants that pointy crown at the top of their heads.

3. The zippered hidden side pockets are perfect for securing your phone and or keys and are made of the same fleece as the hoodie for maximum warmth.

An added feature, key chain loop and the GOLDEN SUN

1. For those who desire another means of securing their keys to a loop.

When the hood is placed on the head, the GOLDEN RATIO in its entirety is revealed. "In pursuit of perfect proportions. In pursuit of perfection."

Innovative built in REMOVABLE face shield/mask

The built in face shield provides convenience and protection from the extra cold winter months as well as all of todays viral concerns. With 100% ribbed flex cotton combined with ear-loops for secure wear as well as easy removal snap buttons, you never have to worry about drafty necks or forgetting a face shield.

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Our story for why we chose Malcolm X as our first reveal

There has always been something about Malcolm X that brings passion to the forefront. His very presence, his way with words, his resolve. He was as polarizing as anyone can be and to this day, he is still remembered and not quite understood or appreciated.

This is the original artwork used as inspiration for the front of the MALCOLM X hoodie. The piece was created by artist, inventor and trainer Kevin Turner. The size of the piece is to illustrates the size of the impact that the honorable Malcolm X left on America. In these times, we believe that his message and stature are as relevant today as they were during his day.